Bossy Hair Kit (MOISTURE)

Bossy Hair Kit (MOISTURE)

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You have been looking for a product that will give you lasting softness, in as little time as possible. This is the kit, Boss. A shampoo that cleanses while adding incredible softness. Manageability, bounce from your moisture recovery conditioner, and the reinforced balance from the strand strengthening Sexy Hair leave-in conditioner is what your hair has been needing. And we never forget to feed our scalp and nourish our ends with our shampoo shots, Black magic oil, and rose gold oil. 


Keracare hydrating detangling shampoo 8.5oz

Joic moisture recovery conditioner 8.5oz

Sexy Hair core strength leave-in conditioner 8.5oz

Textures Press black Magic Oil 1oz

Textured Press rose gold oil 2oz

Textured Press shampoo shot 15ml

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